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Construction Details :-

  • Modular / Non- compartmentalized construction.
  • Panel structure with MS CRCA/SS.
  • Single front/double front Operated.
  • Provision for Extensible for future use.
  • Provision of Rubber Gaskets to meet IP requirement like IP-42/52/54/55/65.
  • Arrangement for heat dissipation by means of Exhaust Fan or Lowers.

Pre Treatment and Painting :-

  • Three Tank / Seven Tank Pre treatment process.
  • Final paint shade as per IS or client specifications.
  • Synthetic Enamel / Epoxy based primer / Powder coating as per customer's requirement.

Bus bar Arrangement & Cable Alley:-

  • Electrical Grade Aluminum / Copper Busbar.
  • Main busbar chamber at top / bottom of the Panel.
  • Busbar System design on basis of continuous Current rating and Fault level with stand capacity.
  • Allowable temperature rise as per IS 8623 or as per specifications.
  • Busbar supports of SMC/DMC Material.
  • Top / Bottom cable entry. Detachable gland plate for cable entry.

Assembly & Wiring :-

  • Selection of components from Approved / Reputed vendor list as per Approved Drawing.
  • Design of Internal Layout for optimum usage of space.
  • Crimping Lugs are used for internal Connections / Terminations.

Quality Assurance & Control Systems :-

  • Inspection of Fabrication structure for dimension as per approved G.A. drawing.
  • Inspection of Painting / Powder coating.
  • Routine Test are conducted on each panels like.
    • Routine Test are conducted on each panels like.
    • H.V. test with 2.5 KV/Min between Phases, Ph-Neutral, Ph-Earth
    • Function Test